John and Marzlie Freeman
Parksville, BC

We have always had kites. You know—“Never grow up, never grow up…….” Back in about 1991 our younger daughter came home from a weekend at the beach exclaiming, “Dad—you gotta try this.” “This” was a Trlby. I did. Next thing you know we were hanging around kite stores, where we eventually saw a stack of flyers for the Fort Worden Kitemakers Conference. Sounded like fun, so we did it. That was the beginning of the end—or the end of the beginning.

We have been building kites for close to fifteen years now. We have won many awards in handcrafted competition up and down the Pacific Northwest coast. We have also won two firsts, a second, and third at national conventions of the American Kitefliers Association. We have been guests at festivals in Canada, the United States, France, Australia and another foreign country-New Jersey. We were featured kitebuilders in one issue of the American Kitefliers Association magazine "Kiting."

John has taught around 20 kitebuilding classes in the last seven years ranging in size from three to 23 students. Well, more students actually, as many of the kites were built by couples. He says that kitebuilding is almost more fun than kite flying, and teaching others is the most fun.

Our division of labor varies from kite to kite (or banner—we do those too) with usually Marzlie doing most of the sewing and John doing all the other things that she doesn’t want to do—cutting, hemming, edge binding, making pockets, sticking, etc.

We have spent the last seven or eight years or so exploring the wonders of quilting graphics. We have only scratched the surface and are still digging.