Elain Genser
Victoria, B.C., Canada

Elain recently moved to Victoria from Nanaimo B.C. when she discovered that Victoria, on the tip of Vancouver Island, is a very windy city!! Before retiring, she was a college art instructor, and Art Therapist. She turned to kite making about twenty years ago and after attending her first kite festival in Saskatchewan15 years ago, she never looked back. On moving to B.C. she connected with the strong kite flying communities in B.C., Washington, and Oregon and attended many festivals and workshops. She has been a participant at Fort Worden Kitemakers Retreat for over 12 years, and has taught workshops both there and in Oregon. Elain twice attended the 'Junction International Kite Retreat' in Texas as well.

Elain has participated in two Canadian International Festivals in Verdun, Quebec, two in Toronto, and is a regular at festivals on the Pacific Coast, Manitoba and Alberta. She has made two trips to China representing Canada at International festivals, and has also flown in festivals in Australia and Colombia as an invited guest flyer. She has competed in kite making competitions around the world, winning many awards.

Travel and kites have filled her life for many years, and she has flown her kites on the steppes of Mongolia, the mountain tops of Bolivia, the beaches of Easter Island and the Galapagos. She has shared her kites with children in Belize, Panama, and Guatemala.

Non-windy days are a problem at kite festivals, and Elain is ready with a selection of banners and ground displays on 20 foot poles. She enjoys twirling a 60 foot tube on a 20 foot pole into wonderful shapes and dancing forms. She also is a 'bubble head' using her extensive collection of bubble blowers to amuse children and adults.